Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lennon is Making the World a Better {Smelling} Place...

Lennon says, "Mom, I'm wearing two pairs of undies today."

"Oh... why?" I ask.

"Because now my farts won't stink so bad!" Lennon states proudly, just knowing that his idea was a smart one.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I've Been Served!

 I started going up the stairs to my room, when Susie yelled, "NO! Go back downstairs, Mom!"  She assured me that she wasn't getting into or doing anything she shouldn't (which was my first thought to be honest).   Soon she came running down to tell me something happened in my room, but that she didn't do it.  So, I took a look... and found my (before messy) bed made with a little note reading, "You've been served! By the Secret Service."
I played along with her, pretending not to know who could have done such a nice thing!  I could see a twinkle in her eye-- she was proud of what she had done for me. I hope she could see it in my eyes that I was proud of her... I mean, whoever it was that served me! :)

Pumpkin Patch

We have loved visiting many of the farms out here in New England.  I never would have thought when we moved to Boston that we would spend more of our free time at orchards and farms than in the city!  It's true though-- the openness and beauty is what calls to us. 
 The large haystack at Shelburne Farms.  You can see it in their faces, can't help but feel like King of the mountain on top of this pile!
 Aubrey found it so fun to sit on any and every pumpkin in the patch.

Lennon, the Apple nosed clown.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Preschool for Lennon

Lennon started preschool last week.   He loves it!  We are so lucky that two of his great friends, Asher and Amelia, are in his same class.
Lennon picked out a Mario backpack (I tried to convince him to get a more generic one). :)  But, he thinks it's so cool that he had me take a picture of him showing it off!
 My little goof ball!
 Walking into his school building on the first day!  He is growing too fast... just love my buddy.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Day of 2nd Grade

Susie started 2nd grade this week!  When I picked her up from school after her first day, I asked her if she liked 2nd grade, and if so what her favorite part was.  She replied, "I can't pick a favorite part... the whole day was my favorite!"  So glad that she loves school so much!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


My friend, Michelle, and I went to Wicked this August.  It was so good and so much fun to have a girls night out!  Michelle is an amazing person that I just adore-- so lucky to have such a great friend!!

Camping in New Hampshire

 In July, we went camping in New Hampshire for a couple nights.  We had fun skipping rocks in a nearby river, roasting marshmallows, and just being together without any distractions.
Dave teaching Susie to skip rocks.
The water was freezing cold, but that never stops my kiddos from getting in!